Time to get
a longarm?

You’ve seen some at quilt shows… and you’ve tested a few…You have some space, but the choices can be dizzying…but now what?


Time for an 
Eclipse Longarm 

the next generation
in longarm quilting…

Choosing a longarm shouldn't be a challenge!

There are a myriad
of brands and features
to consider

But The Holy Grail
Is Stitch Quality

Introducing The Eclipse Longarm

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In this digital ecommerce age,
where you can buy a car online
and Amazon sells neary everything,
can we really purchase a great longarm online?
Yes you can!
Let's review:
Stitch Quality...

We've Been Around...

Antique quilting system. The rollers moved the fabric front & back and side to side

Everyone has seen examples of beautiful hand quilting, from their Grandmothers and Aunties…but is hand or sewing machine quilting the best option for you?

The advent of mechanical sewing machines changed lives for many, and there is evidence of longarm systems even in the 1800’s. And in the late 70’s early 80’s, several old line firms like, Gammill, Nolting, A-1 etc., were experimenting with “stretching” sewing machines to take advantage of newer quilting trends. 

Then Laurel Barrus, a home quilting hobbiest, who redesigned a portable quilting frame, enlisted several local engineers. Art Bentely was one of those engineers and was instrumental in building the 1st three Handi-Quilter machines. In 2002, Handi Quilter was sold and Art began to design & manufacture his own longarm system, based on his experience and using the newest technology.

Many advancements are evident in the Eclipse & it leads the field in servicability. Art & the Eclipse has since won several awards.* You may not be instantly familair with the Eclipse name, but it does indeed have deep roots in the quilting industry…

Stitch Quality Is Not Subjective

Stitch quality is why we use any sewing system. Ease, speed & consistency is what we seek! Every major brand will give you a great consistent stitch, once you have the bobbin tension set correctly. The KEY to great stitching is 1st, using a quality thread, choosing the right weight for the bobbin & a ‘heavier’ weight for the top stitch. And setting bobbin tension is easy with the Eclipse, once you understand the simple principles.

These are just a few samples of quilts finished on the Eclipse

Traditional Longarm Construction

Traditional Sewing Machine Cut-Away

An inside look …longarm machines are not sewing machines, yet share many similar internal features…

Competition's Cut-Away

Cut-away view of traditional longarms. Dust, thread and fabric bits gather throughout the interior, and clog moving parts, because of the oil inside.

Eclipse Longarm Construction

(this is a special clear sided enclosure we present at quilt shows to show the Eclipse is made differently than other machines)

The EclipseLongarm features an enclosed ALCOA aluminum "sew harp" vs an open/hollow area. This keeps the mechanicals free from dust & dirt, requiring far less oil & maintanence.
The Eclipse uses an advanced yet tried & true motor, that  is less likely to be affected by static electricity and easily serviced. A proven belt system transfers motion & power to the needle.
Just one drop of oil is needed before each use! Be sure to brush & clean out the bobbin case and under the needle bar as well

State Of The Art Electronics & Our Enclosed Sew Harp

Increases Realibity While Reducing Service Center Repairs

The electronic Pod has an initial five (5) year no-cost warranty* You just remove 4 simple screws & Priority Mail it to us & we repair/replace and Priority Mail it back – no long waiting times for parts After 5 years, you just pay a minor cost for replacement part/board inside the Pod. The Grace frame has a lifetime warranty. The motor you see inside can be replaced by any sew & vac shop with easily sourced parts. *(We split the postage cost)

Short On Space?

Consider Our Unique FloatFrame

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  • Moving a longarm over fabric is much easier than a sit-down, moving fabric under a neddle
  •  You can finish a King size quilt one section at a time just by sliding the quilt sandwich
  • Takes approximately 4′ wide & 32″ deep…slides easily away when you are not using
  • Uses easily attachable industrial strength magnet bars to hold the quilt sandwich in place
  • Stitch regulated – five different types
  • You can use a ruler table and any quilting rulers for precise ruler work
  • LED lighting won’t fatigue your eyesight

The MOST Affordable Longarm Available!

Traditional Frame

The EQ20 features a 20″ throat on a Continuum Grace frame. The EQ20 is stitch regulated (5) and is easy to switch modes. The frame can be configured in several sizes. The Ram’s Horn handlebars are well suited for free-style quilting. The EQ20 is easy to move about, weighing approx. 60#’s.

FloatFrame System

The EQ20 on our FloatFrame is unique in the industry. Only using 4′ of space, you can quilt any size quilt easily, moving the system just like a larger traditional size. Can be converted to a sit-down model too.

Robotics System

The EQ20 with Grace’s Quilters Creative Touch computer assist is a powerfull yet easy to use & learn system for those seeking to operate a longarm business or upgrade their free-motion skills.

Nationwide Set-up & Training Available Or DIY

We make arrangements for shipping and we come to you to set-up & train you on the basics. We’ll even get you started on your first quilt! Telephone support is also available, as is support thru YouTube & FaceBook If you you choose to save even more money, (20%) you can easily set this up yourself and learn as you go!