A Closer Look at the Electronic 'Pod'

This is a brief video of the electronic ‘Pod” used on the EclipseQuilter. All the electronics are located here, away from the static electricity generated when quiting, a bane for many other systems. Our 5 year warranty covers any issues, free, and after five years, just the cost of repair. The Pod is easily removed with 4 screws and Priority mailed for service.

Threading the EclipseQuilter

Threading the EclipseQuilter is quite easy. And tension issues are easy to resolve, after the correct bobbin tension is set.

Loading your quilt the Eclipse way

We don’t float our quilts, but prefer to secure them down entirely before starting the quilting process.

You Can Even Use Metallic Thread!

The EQ20 using varigated metallic thread with several robotic patterns and motif lines

That's Some Fancy Stitchin"

This is what the Eclipse is indeed capable of…

Prowling Tiger

This is a time lapse video featuring the EQ20 stitching a continuous line whole cloth quilt. Over 26,500 stitches & nary a thread break

Unboxing The FloatFrame

Easily fits in a 4′ area. Easy to set-up and operate. Needle over fabric vs fabric under the needle is easier to operate. Stitch regulated too! Can be upgraded as well if desired.

Nationwide Customer Service

The customer 1st wanted to set-up herself, but life had other plans. We came in and set it up & provided initial training

SnowFairy Quilt

Customer made quilt featuring a panel and mitered corners. 

Custom Quilting With Robotics

This was for arecent  client (we run a longarm service too). There are 12 blocks with 6 different squares…a different pattern was placed in the corresponding squares…the border and other section were all planned out in the QuiltCad section then stitched out

Houston QuiltFest 2017

The EclipseQuilter crew demonstrates at various shows thruout the year.

AQS Paduchah 2018

Our newest & youngest LA quilter…

As You Can See...This Is Why We're Different

  • The Eclipse is made & manufactuired in the USA! 
  • The Eclipse is assembled by hand, one machine at a time, to ensure quality, with all the needed features, at an affordable price!
  • The Maker was part of the original HandiQuilter team and built the 1st three HQ systems.
  • The Eclipse has been newly designed from the ground up, focusing on the ease of maintenance and affordability.
  • All the electronics are in an easily servicable/removeable ‘Pod’, so if anything does go awry, simply send the Pod back for repair.
  • The ‘Sewing Harp’ is factory sealed in an aluminum casing, requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Nationwide set-up & training is included – DYI will save you 20%
  • We feature a money back option if, after it is set up & you have been trained by us, if it does not produce a great stitch, we will take it back*
  • Pricing starts @ $5,995

The EclipseQuilter Longarm

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