Why Choose Us?

These days there are many brands of longarms to choose from, and most if not all, will produce a great stitch – but at what cost? Is it really necessary to spend $20K for that stitch?

I think not!

And, I’ve never heard about Eclipse Longarms…

Several years ago, we bought our 1st longarm, and it sat for a year, unused, until we got a robotic system for it…we’ve not looked back since.

Then in 2017 we met the Maker of the Eclipse, (Art Bentley) and were amazed…the quality stitch is there at an amazing price! 

You see, Art was part of the original HandiQuilter team & built the 1st three HandiQuilter machines! So, we’ve been there, all along…

And much has changed since then & the Eclipse is an advanced machine with little to no required maintanence, with a great warranty to boot!